Thursday, April 28, 2016

Make Your Move Easier

Moving is never easy, whether moving a few blocks or thousands of miles away. Here's a checklist from the moving pros to help you prepare for your move.

4 Weeks In Advance:
Make reservations for your moving company. Hold garage sales, donate to charity or throw away items you won't be taking with you. Get change-of-address cards from the Post Office. notify magazines, charge account companies, insurance companies, clubs and other organization of your change of address. Get owners manual for appliances in new home, if possible.

2 Weeks In Advance:
Make a survival kit of things for the last clean up (broom, dust cloth, etc.), as well as a snack. If you decide to pack yourself, label all boxes. Write the destination (by room) on top and sides of each box. Schedule dates for disconnecting gas, electric, water and telephone services. Arrange for refunds that are due to you. Schedule connections for your new home. Cancel cable TV, lawn maintenance and other services. Make travel plans and arrange for a hotel stay, if necessary. Arrange to move pets. Check with the mover about moving houseplants (some movers will not move them). Dispose of all items too dangerous to move, including flammable liquids. If necessary, have your automobile serviced and ready for the trip.

1 Week In Advance:
Mail in your change of address forms. Clean the stove. If necessary, reserve an elevator for pickup and/or delivery dates. Cancel your newspaper delivery. Have enough medication to last at least two weeks. Have prescriptions forwarded to a pharmacy at your new destination. Set aside valuable items to carry with you, including jewelry, vital documents, money and valuable small items.

1 To 2 Days In Advance:
If you're having movers pack your goods, have them do that now. Empty, defrost and thoroughly dry refrigerator and freezer. Get cash to tide you over.

Moving Day:
Complete information on the mover's bill of lading (freight) and carefully read the document before you sign it. Make sure you have your copies of the bill of lading and inventory. Before the van leaves, take one final look through the house to make certain that nothing has been left behind. Give the driver directions to your new home. Notify the driver and the van line where you can be reached during the move.

Delivery Day:
Be on hand to supervise unloading and unpacking. Check carefully for any damaged or missing items. Note on the inventory any damaged boxes or other items before you sign anything.

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