Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Painting Primer

Color is one of the most influential elements to set the tone of your home interior.  To get the palette right, there are things to do before you select your colors. Benjamin Moore Paint Co. has put together a list for you to DIY. Here are some of the key ideas.

Create a list of key elements in the room, such as, sofa, rug or flooring. Determine your budget. Think of the room's purpose and how you'd like to feel in it. Determine your own personal color likes. Collect color and fabric swatches along with images you like from magazine and websites.

Once you have gathered your ideas, take a look at your collection and see the design elements that stand out. Group colors to see the one you like most. Look at the samples in the room where you will use them. Consider the size and scale of your room and its furnishings.

Its really important to view your color choices in various light conditions that effect the room:  direct sunlight, indirect sunlight and artificial light. Surrounding colors, such as, from a sofa or flooring, effect a paint color on a wall also.

Remember the color wheel made up of primary colors (red, blue and yellow), secondary colors are a combination of two primary colors and tertiary colors which is a combination of a primary and secondary color.  Color intensity describes brightness or dullness of a color. Value refers to a color's lightness or darkness. Add white to a color to create a tint. Add black to create a shade.  Color schemes are based on the color wheel and are combinations or pairings to create an aesthetic look and feel in a room.
Don't forget neutrals and the infinite array of grays, beiges and whites.

Sheen levels impact the look and functional aspects of a room. Flat is the least reflective finish and a great choice for hiding minor surface imperfections on walls and preferred for ceilings. Matte is more reflective than flat for minimizing imperfections while providing a durable finish. Eggshell gives a softly polished glow and provides an easy-to-clean surface. Satin or pearl is medium finish ideal for high-traffic areas when the full sheen of a semi-gloss is not desired. Semi-gloss creates a smooth, highly reflective finish that is durable and withstands repeated cleaning. Semi-gloss is also used to highlight interior trim, doors and window frames.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Home Decor Color of the Year 2017

New trends in color are always of interest to interior design fans. This week Benjamin Moore Paint Co. announced the color of the year. It's Shadow #2117-30---a rich, royal amethyst like lilac-gray or coal.  Shadow sets the mood of the color palette including such hues as a teal called Sea Star, terracotta called Etruscan, rich red Dinner Party and Dark Burgundy.

To bring these tones into your home, you don't need to change your entire d├ęcor. You can update your room with one or more of the new colors adding accessories. Adding a touch of a color into your room is also one of the best ways to find out if you like living with a color before you make a large investment in furniture.

A few ideas for accessories are throw pillows, table runners or place mats, drink coasters, napkins, vases, a sofa throw, an area rug, a piece of artwork, decorative bowls or plates, candles and candleholders, unique plants and containers.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's New from Design Chicago Market

The Mart in Chicago presents its annual market for designers. Held each October, here's the all-important overview of items the professional designers and furnishings showrooms deem HOT!

MATSOUKA furniture at A. Rudin Showroom. Crafted in Japan using artisanal skills and unique finishes. Modern lines on tables, chairs and casegoods. Mixing contemporary furniture pieces with transitional and period pieces is trending.

COWTAN & TOUT COLLECTION fabrics and wallcoverings in the new brick and cream colors.  It's the color scheme to watch.

WALLCOVERING ARTISTS with more than six lines of original pattern wallpapers at Bradley Showroom.  Wallpaper is in!

KYLE BUNTING COLLABORATION at Edelman Leather.  Unlimited design capability using leather in creative ways for floors, walls and on furniture pieces.  One-of-a-kind designs for your home.

INTERIOR CRAFTS and the chaise.  At home lifestyles love the look and relaxing feel of a chaise.

LALIQUE DESIGN translates the iconic Anemone motif to its collection of architectural custom panels. An elegant combination of  eye-catching light, classic design and  layered texture.

DWELLSTUDIO MODERN BOHEMIAN collection at Robert Allen/Beacon Hill presents signature prints and shimmery fabrics.  Blush color is the new neutral.

SFERRA from Designers Linen Source shows how to dress a luxurious bed, that you will enjoy looking at and look forward to dreaming in.

DUO CABANA at Janus Et Cie Showroom is the quintessential poolside lounge. Pull the canopy down for privacy and sun protection---pull the shades up to see the view.

SUNBRELLA TEXTURES at Kravet offers durable, cleanable, UV resistant and guaranteed in-stock selection of patterns and colors.