Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top Design Trends To Consider

If you want to keep current with home fashion, its important to be aware of the important design trends.  These are features and looks that most homeowners and homebuyers liked.  I found these current three top trends for you to know.

Its all about light.
Floor to ceiling windows, walls with multiple windows are always a big hit and are a 2018 trend.  Light is essential to create a balanced chi, per Feng Shui. Its believed that energy form the sun stay sin the room all day and brings positive, happy vibes.  When looking for a space to live in, choose windows over walls.

Create a statement with floors and wallcovering.
Statement floors create a base to a room and a great way to make a room pop.  Statement wallpapers, even on just one accent wall, with bold colors, geometric shpaes or large floral designs, are a great way to update a room without changing too much else.

Pastel tones are a theme to go for.
Pastel shades have been the Pantone color of the year the past few years. One advantage of pastels is their neutral tones go with almost every other color and makes it easy to mix and match without getting stuck with any one particular shade.

Most important to remember is you are the one who has to live in your home. So choose a d├ęcor that makes you feel joy when you get up in the morning and return home at the end of the day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Paint: The Right Finish

     When selecting the paint for your room, the first thing you think of is color. However, choosing the right finish is just as important. Sheen levels impact both the aesthetic and functional aspect of a room. They affect the amount of light reflected from the painted surface, hiding or highlighting imperfections and influencing color perception.
     The Benjamin Moore Paint Co. has outlined descriptions of paint finishes to help you to select the right one for the visual look and cleanability of the room you are painting.

Flat is the least reflective finish and provides excellent depth of color. It's a great choice for hiding minor surface imperfections on walls and generally preferred for ceilings.

Matte is more reflective than flat and is also great for minimizing minor surface imperfections while providing a durable finish.

Eggshell imparts a softly polished glow and provides an easy-to-clean surface. It's perfect for busy areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms.

Satin or pearl is a medium finish ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways when the full sheen of a semi-gloss is not desired.

Semi-gloss creates a smooth, highly reflective finish that is durable and withstands repeated cleaning. It is also used to highlight interior trim, doors and window frames.