Thursday, April 26, 2018

Folding Screens As Decorating Solutions

Folding screens have always given a room style while concealing something unattractive or ugly. Screens do have a history in interiors.

Ancient Chinese screens were made of painted wood. In ancient Japan. screens were made of portable paper that was painted, lacquered or gilded. In the 16th century, Asian folding screens were brought to European traders and the idea spread across Europe.

The concept is more than decorative as screens can hide an unacceptable view or section off a room based on current functions. On a trip to Paris and London, I noticed that screens are offered in all the design shops as a beautiful option to section off the studio-sized apartments that are prevalent in European cities.

Design ideas are unlimited today with modern manufacturing techniques. You can make a screen using wood panels stained or lacquered to compliment the room's wall color. Or a screen using a wood or metal framework can then be filled in with panels of fabric or wallcovering. Mirrored screens not only hide the unsightly or partition a room, but the reflections expand the space visually.  Incorporating an antique folding screen into an interior adds beauty with precious artwork.

And if you no longer want to use the screen as a partition, you can hang it on a wall as a piece of art.  A folding screen may be the answer to that design problem that won't disappear.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 Romantic Home Decorating Ideas

As Spring and Summer approaches, have you ever heard that our thoughts turn to romance? And why not bring romance into your home?

I have gathered decorating ideas from various sources. Although they are romantic, these ideas can become part of your rooms all year long. Ranging from as easy as changing a light fixture to creating an entirely new scheme, these tips will add a spark of romance to your home.

1. A chandelier, with the glow of light reflecting crystal and metal is always romantic.

2. A Venetian mirror above a cabinet or console exudes timeless and elegant romance.

3. Pink is always pretty especially with green and white it's not too feminine for your guy.

4. A romantic dining setting uses white accents on cove molding, a chair rail, seating, fabric and trims.

5. Soft lighting creates a romantic setting by simulating the effect of candlelight,. Always use dimmers.

6. A sensual room uses soft-shaped seating and lush fabrics you can sink into.

7. A loggia is always a perfect way to bring the outside into your home and make a romantic getaway space.

8. A feminine bedroom uses crisp white and draped sheer fabric.

9. A "trip to Paris" themed room setting uses an iron and wood chandelier, tile floor, toile fabric and wood furniture.

10. Romantic headboard in fabric, wood or metal always set the romantic atmosphere of your bedroom.