Sunday, July 23, 2017

White Or Stainless Appliances With White Kitchen Cabinets?

The number one color for kitchen cabinets is white, according to the Kitchen and Bath Design Association.  Stainless steel has been the most popular finish for appliances, but is white a better option?

I recently visited this question with my own kitchen redecorating project.  I went about the decision-making process the same way I recommend to my clients.  I made a list of pros and cons for each option.

White appliances:  blend in color-wise with the white cabinets seemingly making the kitchen appear larger, white appliances cost less than stainless steel finish, easier to keep clean, timeless classic color.

Stainless steel appliances:  harder to keep clean as they show every fingerprint and smudge, more costly than white appliances, visually stand-out against the white cabinetry, give a more commercial equipment look.

However, I think the bottom line is that white appliances are less expensive and can look cheaper than stainless steel appliances.  Stainless appliances give more of a luxury-look to your kitchen.