Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reclining Chairs, Not Like Your Father's

Did you ever think that you would want to include a reclining chair as part of your home decorating scheme? Recalling old-school type recliners, I did not think I would ever recommend that my clients include recliners in their interiors.

Most of us know that guys have always enjoyed looking forward to relaxing in a reclining chair after a long day, or to spending a day relaxing in their recliner while watching TV or reading. But those old, bulky recliners never seemed to fit the image of an elegantly appointed room.  Current furniture manufacturers have come a long way in the type of reclining chairs on the market. Now recliners come in many styles, limitless fabric choices, various sleek designs, size options and a selection of operating mechanisms.

Today's recliners are great-looking and feel so good. Go to a local furniture store and try some of the new recliners. The only problem you may have is to find the room for two recliners:  one of your partner and one for you!