Wednesday, February 27, 2019

French Touch To Your Interior

Paris is the City of Lights---romantic, classic, grace and timeless. You can spot Parisian style in books, magazines and films. You may not be able to live in Paris surrounded by French architecture, but you can bring the chic touch of Paris into your home.  These are a few ideas I have found in France:
Gold and gilded touches accent furniture, accessories and architectural details. Brass finishes on doorknobs, hinges and drawer pulls add extra glimmer. Any kind of accessory with gold accents will blend right into your décor.

For color, beautiful hues range from jewel tones to pale oyster, ivory and white. Black is always part of a French interior. Street cafes and homes all have plenty of black color in iron railings, chairs, tables or planter boxes on terraces. For the more daring, go for deep rich navy, burgundy or black shiny lacquer which gives the feel of a lavish Paris salon.

Rich silk brocades and velvet are all classic fabrics in French style. These are best on deeply-carved wood furniture in walnut tones. Uniquely French fabrics are toiles with French scenes.

Try using fabrics to enclose rooms or outline the entry into a room. Tie large and small tassels t doorknobs, keys to a writing desk or the pull of a dresser drawer.

The most quintessential French décor accessory is the chandelier. Classic chandeliers, lush with crystals, recall the glitter of the Champs-Elysees.

Certain styles of furniture add French flavor to a room. The bombe chest or commode is standard. These large dresser type pieces are often used in foyers, halls and living rooms. Woven cane-backed chairs are also a Paris classic.

A chiming mantel clock is also found in many Parisian homes. Search flea markets or swap shops for these.

For more tips on French style, check home design centers that stock plenty of accessories that all speak Parisian style.

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