Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bathroom Bling On A Budget

Are you longing to create a personal bath retreat but have limited space and/or budget? Here are ideas to create a smaller bath with glamour and functionality.

1. Create a vertical spa shower. Customize your shower with body sprays, showerhead, rain showers, hand showers, multi-function transfer valves and temperature control systems. These showers offer the relaxation and luxury of a whirlpool without the space required for a large bathtub.

2. Freshen your bathroom with a high-quality shower curtain or glass doors. Today's shower curtains come in great designs, colors and materials. For glass shower doors, choose from clear, smoked or etched glass and with or without metal frame details.

3. Gain more space and storage with a single vanity. Today's vanities look like a furniture piece with decorative feet accents and framed mirrors. This cabinetry can also contain special storage spaces like linen towers and vanity drawers.

4. Replacing the faucet set is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade the bath. Faucet sets come in numerous designs and finishes, also with marble and colored interchangeable accent stone pieces.

5.  Medicine cabinets and mirrors can become a focal point of your bathroom.  It will do wonders for your bath design to replace a rusty or outdated cabinet.

6. Lighting takes up little space but can make a dramatic change in your bathroom.  Styles from modern to retro and traditional are available in many finishes to coordinate with your bathroom fixtures.

7. Neutral tones will make a small bathroom appear larger. But neutral doesn't have to mean boring. Consider specialty finishes and techniques such as crackle, color washing, metallic and glazes that add texture and unique effects.

8. Use accessories to increase storage space. Add a glass shelf to display collectibles or for storage. Hooks, towel racks, cup and toothbrush holders can look classy while hold bathroom necessities.

9. Use a pocket door in place of a swing door.  This will eliminate doorway clutter and free up extra space.

10. Window treatments are another way to add style to your bathroom d├ęcor. Valances, drapes and curtains can be an element that pulls you bathroom's look together.

No matter what the size and budget of your bathroom project, you can add warmth, style and elegance.

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