Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tips To Declutter Your Home

As an interior designer, I know how overwhelmed my clients can feel about too much clutter. The key to decluttering is to break down the project into smaller, manageable tasks.

Work in scheduled blocks of time. Keep sessions short. Mark this time on your calendar like any other appointment. Schedule times when your energy level is highest.
1. Attack the visible clutter first.
2. Move into the simplest room and tackle that, or pick just one closet or one drawer
     at a time.
3. Find a friend to work with---a clutter buddy that will commit to helping you.
4. Schedule a reward after each session, like coffee at your favorite cafĂ©.

1. Sturdy garbage bags.
2. Markers
3. Packing tape
4. Removable stickers
5. Boxes.  Label five of them as follows: Give Away, Other Peoples' Stuff,
     Put Away, Shred and Recycle,  Sentimental

1. Do I like it? Do I love it? Have I used it, worn it or read it this year?
2. What is the worst that will happen if I give it up?
3. Does someone else in my circle of family and friends love it?
4. Is it ugly? Do I feel great in it?
5. Does it contribute to my lifestyle and vision now?

1. Regularly schedule time to put things away where they belong.
2. Invite a friend over regularly to keep you on track.
3. Remember your vision. If you haven't already achieved it, go through the
    steps again.
4. Review the Sentimental Box. If your interests have changed or you realize
    you don't need or use it, then let it go.

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