Saturday, August 26, 2017

10 Tips For A Luxury Bathroom

Do you want your bathroom to make you feel pampered, the way you feel in luxury bathrooms you enjoy at hotels when traveling? You deserve to feel that wonderful way everyday in your own bathroom. Here are 10 tips to help you to create a luxury bathroom of your own.

1.  Install a heated floor under your tile.
2.  Replace your standard towel bars with an electrical towel warmer.
3.  Proper sizing.  Before you purchase a bathtub or install your shower---try it out dry.
4.  Put a steam unit in your shower.
5.  Toilet with bidet unit attachment.
6.  Make sure you have enough electrical outlets for your daily equipment use.
7.  Install both fixed shower head and a hand-held to double for easier cleaning.
8.  Good lighting is essential for shaving and putting on makeup.
9.  Your vanity should be able to hold all the accessories you need.
10. Before you remodel your bathroom, decide on materials, finishes and color.

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