Thursday, August 10, 2017

Right Sizes Decorating Is Right For Today

An important trend in interior decorating is referred to as "downsizing" however I like to refer to it as "right sizing".  Designers today report that people of all age groups are moving into more right sized arrangements that reflect their current lifestyle and space needs.

The various reasons for home right sizing are:
 - You live in a home that no longer fits your needs.
 - Your home is now an empty nest.
 - You are retired or getting ready to retire.
 - You want to tap into the home equity you have built.
 - You are interested in minimizing stress with less responsibility.
 - You desire a smaller workload.
 - You are interested in an increased cash flow.
 - You want greater lifestyle flexibility.

Right sizing and relocation is a transition and can incur emotional and physical aspects along with the décor changes. To help you with this transition, a designer and/or organize can assist by providing a comprehensive and personalized approach. The process can begin with space planning and organization to coordination of the move through to post move support and decorating. A great plus a designer provides is experience which results in timeliness and getting the most bang for your budget.

Right sizing is uniquely ;personal and does require planning. Hear is a good outline for organizing:
1. Start by assessing your original home versus the layout of your new space.
2. Go through room by room to sort items into the following categories: what to keep, sell, donate or discard.
3. Coordinate moving from your original home to your new location.
4. Pack and label your boxes for ease of moving your belongings into your new location.
5. Prepare for move-in day by having enough assistance to locate belongings into the right rooms.

One of the keys to a successful right sizing with less stress is to start planning early. You will be prepared for any last minute glitches.

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